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Here is a link to my latest article in TES on the dos and don’ts in the role of the form tutor.

New FREE resource: “Safe distancing edition” of the Interactive Classroom Activities booklet can be found here.

This website contains 332 resources (as of February 12th 2021), and a wealth of advice for IB Coordinators and teachers to help set up and sustain an International Baccalaureate Programme in your school. While prominently for the Diploma Programme, this website also contains resources for Middle Years Programme and Careers-Related Programme Coordinators and teachers. It also contains teaching and learning materials for teachers in any national curriculum.

Resources in this site include reports, thesis, lesson plans, schemes of work and videos covering all of the different aspects of the role of International Baccalaureate Coordinator. The documents in this site range from the day to day support for teachers and students in the teaching and running of the programme and coping with the demands of the course. It also covers initiatives used on a yearly basis and detailed support longer term projects such as preparing for the five-year review, with a wide range of resources for all of the International Baccalaureate’s Standards and Practices.

All of the advice, and some of the resources in this website are free of charge. There is a small subscription charge of £15.00 per year for the rest of the resources that I have produced.

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Latest Resource. January 21st 2021February 12th 2021: Job Descriptions.

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