New Resource: MYP and DP Approaches to Learning Target setting documents.

I have added two new resources: Approaches to Learning Target Setting documents are for MYP and DP students.

Each document includes a separate page for each Approach to Learning skill (communication, research, self-management, social and thinking).

For each ATL skill, I have chosen eight subsections taken from Principles into Practice for the MYP and the International Baccalaureate’s ATL website for the DP.

Students have to choose one subsection to focus on as a target. They then have to consider strategies that will enable them to meet their target. At the end of the time period (I usually give half a term), students must revisit their targets and write a reflection on the extent to which they feel they have met them.

I have, at times, got students to set one target for each of the Approaches to Learning skills, and at other times, got the class to focus on one agreed Approach to Learning skill to focus on for the half term.

The target setting handouts are cross curricular so can be used for any subject. As Coordinator, I used them in my IB Core class.

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