New Resources.

I have just uploaded news lessons for the IB Core class series.

The lessons are on Academic Integrity, Citing and Referencing and Service as Action (which includes a Service Portfolio).

The aim of these lessons is to introduce students to the Core of the International Baccalaureate. In my school, students have one IB Core class per week where we investigate the core of both the MYP and DP and build links between them and the curriculum

The lessons added today include:

Academic Integrity.

  • Principled.
  • Examples of academic integrity.
  • Examples of academic misconduct.
  • Giving advice.
  • Why people commit academic misconduct.

Citing and referencing.

  • Why we cite.
  • When to cite.
  • What to cite.
  • How to cite.
  • Referencing.
  • Student examples.
  • Real life examples. 

Service as Action.

  • Examples.
  • Links to the IB Learner Profile.
  • What is service? Video quiz. 
  • Types of service. 
  • Student Portfolio. 

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