New Resource: Writing Reports.

I have updated the previous ‘Writing Reports’ document with a much more comprehensive document which can be found here.

This document gives advice to staff on how to write reports to parents in an MYP and DP context. The document includes in depth advice on what should go into a report as well as examples that I have created for my school.

The document focuses on the following areas of writing reports:

  1. The aim of writing reports.
  2. Frequency of reports.
  3. Types of reports.
  4. Grading reports.
  5. Information included in the report comments.
  6. Advice for good report writing.
    • Know your students.
    • Keep the structure of your reports simple.
    • Focus on each student as an individual.
    • Be specific and provide detail (praise, difficulties faced by students, providing targets, approaches to learning.
    • Negative comments.
    • Accuracy.
    • Teacher language.
    • Comparing students.
    • Highlight the school’s / International Baccalaureate’s values.
  1. Checking Report Comments.
  2. Example report comments.
  3. Comment bank.
    • A general paragraph with gaps in to add individual comments.
    • Sets of sentences based on different topics in the report.
    • Three example reports based on good, satisfactory and poor performance.
  4. References.

I hope you find it useful for staff at your school,

Best wishes,


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