Academic Integrity: Student Guide 2021.

This comprehensive Academic Integrity Student Guide includes information for both the MYP and DP. It is based on the International Baccalaureate’s rules and regulations as laid out in their “Academic Integrity” Booklet, published in October 2019.

This Student Guide covers information for both external and internal assessments and procedures. I have changed my school name to ‘#’ in the guide and you can input yours. You can also edit the document if your school handles Academic Integrity in any different ways.

The Guide is set out in a way that is clear for students to understand. I go through the guide with students at least once per term in my IB Core class. It is a good idea to hold a student quiz on its contents. This guide compliments the information in the parent a teacher guide.

The Student Guide includes:

  • What is Academic Integrity?
  • Why do we need Academic Integrity?
  • Expectations and Responsibilities of Students.
  • What is Academic Misconduct?
  • Types of Academic Misconduct.
  • Investigation of suspected Academic Misconduct.
  • Consequences of Academic Misconduct.
  • How to avoid committing Academic Misconduct.
  • How to Avoid Plagiarism.

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