Aims of this Website 

The aim of this website is to offer advice and strategies to both new and existing International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Coordinators on how to set up and sustain a successful Diploma Programme / Diploma Programme individual subjects at your school. This website includes a wide range of documents all of which I have created and implemented to support all stakeholders at the schools I have worked at: the coordinator, teachers, parents and students. Each document is discussed in detail throughout the website, with examples of when and how I have used them and advice on how to implement them in order to build a successful Diploma Programme within your school.

The website focuses on leading the curriculum through meeting the International Baccalaureate’s Standards and Practices:

  • Collaborative planning.
  • Written curriculum.
  • Teaching and learning.
  • Assessment.

The website also gives detailed advice on implementing the Diploma Programme curriculum across the school, focusing on the programme`s core, supporting students, leading parent workshops and preparing students who are about to enter the programme.

 The website also focuses on coordinating the programme through overseeing the variety of non curricular aspects of the programme, that have an effect on what goes on both inside and outside of the classroom. These include writing and implementing school policies on academic honesty, special educational needs, assessment and language, supporting staff and students, preparing for the evaluation visit, running the exams, raising awareness of the programme throughout the school and running the graduation ceremony.