Appendix 5: Staff Appraisal Form.

This form allows the Leadership Team to keep a record of each member of staff’s progress against the following areas of their appraisal.:

  • Classroom Practice.  
  • Wider Professional Responsibilities.
  • Administrative Responsibilities.

Evidence against each member of staff’s progress can be recorded on the form throughout the academic year, leading to a written appraisal.

The Classroom Practice section follows the following teacher standards:

  • Set high expectations which inspire, motivate, engage and challenge students.
  • Promote good progress and outcomes by students.
  • Demonstrate good subject and curriculum knowledge.
  • Plan and teach well-structured units and lessons.
  • Adapt teaching to respond to the strengths and needs of all students.
  • Make accurate and productive use of assessment.
  • Manage behaviour effectively to ensure a good and safe learning environment.

The Wider Professional Responsibilities section includes:

  • Make a positive contribution to the wider life and ethos of the school, such as extra-curricular provision, visits, Service at #, CAS and parent workshops.
  • Develop effective and collaborative professional relationships with colleagues.
  • Take initiative to draw on advice and specialist support.
  • Take responsibility for improving teaching through appropriate professional development, responding to advice and feedback from colleagues.
  • Make positive and meaningful contributions to meetings and professional development opportunities.
  • Communicate effectively with parents, homeroom teachers and appropriate professionals with regard to students’ achievements and well-being.
  • Participate fully in a timely manner in the day to day organisation of the programmes.
  • Actively participate in full staff and departmental meetings.
  • Fully participate in the # Professional Development Goals Programme.

The Administrative Responsibilities section includes:

  • Punctual to work.
  • Keep student attendance.
  • Meet reporting deadlines.
  • Give appropriate notice when absent from work.
  • Fulfill cover work responsibilities.

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