Appendix 7: Teacher Target Form.

This form is used to set teacher’s targets and formalise the support that will be given to them when a concern has been raised on one or more areas of their performance, as described in the Staff Appraisal overview.

The form sets out an overview of each of the three meetings as part of the process:

  1. An initial meeting to discuss the targets and the actions and support needed to be put into place in order for each one to be met.
  2. An interim meeting to discuss and identify progress made to date will be held in #.
  3. A final meeting where the teacher can present supporting evidence of his / her progress against each target. Comments and evidence from members of the International Baccalaureate Leadership team and support mentor will also be discussed. Each target will be evaluated by the Leadership Team on a simple rubric of “Still Problematic”, “Shows Limited Improvement”, and “Shows Substantial Improvement”.

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