Assessment Policy

Assessment Policy

 I have, with working with staff, created and updated school policies. The process of creating policies has been to look at supporting documents from the IBO and creating a draft. The draft is then put to the leadership team. After any prominent issues have been discussed and relevant additions and / or changes have been made, the policies have been put to staff in two different ways.

  • Firstly, they have been presented in whole staff meetings, where staff have been put into pairs and allocated parts of different policies to read and comment on. Staff comments have then been discussed by the Leadership team and relevant individual teachers, with relevant amendments being made. The new draft is then put to the whole staff.
  • Secondly, another strategy has been to open up the policy to all staff at the same time and give them a week to make any comments, which can then be discussed with relevant changes being made and staff are then given the chance to make further changes.

The finished policies are shared with staff and parents through the yearly Programmes Guidebook and are reviewed on an annual basis. The policies are referred to in staff workshops throughout the year, and if and when necessary, with individual teachers and departments in the school year. 

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