New Resource: What is the International Baccalaureate? Lesson.

This is the second lesson in the IB Core class series, which you can find here.

This lesson includes the following six activities which give students and undertanding of the basics of the International Baccalaureate.

  • A gap fill activity on the International Baccalaureate Mission Statement.
  • A 10 question quiz on the history and modern day state of the International Baccalaureate.
  • A sorting activity where students have to put extracurricular activities into the MYP, DP or both. Students must then reflect on the service activities they have done and would like to do.
  • A response to a variety of comments where students have to decide if they are ‘good’ IB comments or not, giving reasons.
  • An IB Learner Profile activity where students have to unmuddle each Learner Profile attribute word and then give examples of when they have used each one.
  • An Approaches to Learning Activity where students have to put 10 subsections into the correct Approach and then give examples of when they have done each one.

The lesson is designed to last for two fifty-minute periods.

I hope you find it useful.

Best wishes,


New Resource: IB Core Introduction Class.

I have just started teaching IB Core from year 7 so will upload every lesson (1 per week).

You can find the introduction lesson here.

In this lesson students watch a video from the IB, respond to the IB Mission Statement, look at and analyse IB philosophy from the MYP Programme model, consider how they have used the Approaches to Learning Skills and set Approaches to Learning targets, which you can find here.

New Resource: MYP and DP Approaches to Learning Target setting documents.

I have added two new resources: Approaches to Learning Target Setting documents are for MYP and DP students.

Each document includes a separate page for each Approach to Learning skill (communication, research, self-management, social and thinking).

For each ATL skill, I have chosen eight subsections taken from Principles into Practice for the MYP and the International Baccalaureate’s ATL website for the DP.

Students have to choose one subsection to focus on as a target. They then have to consider strategies that will enable them to meet their target. At the end of the time period (I usually give half a term), students must revisit their targets and write a reflection on the extent to which they feel they have met them.

I have, at times, got students to set one target for each of the Approaches to Learning skills, and at other times, got the class to focus on one agreed Approach to Learning skill to focus on for the half term.

The target setting handouts are cross curricular so can be used for any subject. As Coordinator, I used them in my IB Core class.

New Resource: IB Learner Profile Passport

In order to help students link the IB Learner Profile to their learning, I have created an IB Learner Profile Passport. You can find it here.

This activity is designed to be a plenary activity for the last 5 minutes of class. 
The handout is designed to get students to think, pair, and share how they have either shown one or more of the IB Learner Profile Attributes in the class, or to reflect on how they could make an improvement on one or more for next time.

I have also added a sentence starter for ‘this week’ to give students the chance to consider how they have shown one or more of the attributes outside of the classroom (linking the IB to the real world!). 

New Resources: 36,700 word report on Standard C: Curriculum of the Diploma Programme Self Study.

Apologies for not uploading in a while. I have been writing a comprehensive report on the DP Evaluation Self-Study. You can find Standard C: Curriculum here.

I have written 36,700 words explaining my practice of Diploma Programme Coordinator in the first three years of my school’s self study cycle. My report mentions numerous pieces of evidence–many of which are on the website. I will add links to the resources over the next couple of weeks, as well as adding the ones I have not yet done so.

I will add parts A and B very soon.

Best wishes,


New Resources: Job Descriptions.

I have uploaded the following job descriptions here:

  • Assistant Diploma Programme Coordinator.
  • International Baccalaureate Teacher.
  • Subject Leader.

I aim to add a job description for the role of the Diploma Programme Coordinator by Monday 15th February 2021

Staff Appraisal: Eight new resources.

I have uploaded a full Staff Appraisal Process.

The eight documents provide a comprehensive account of a Staff Appraisal initiative that I have implemented at my school. You can find a detailed overview of the process here

The overview of the process contains seven appendices that you can find here:

I hope you find these documents useful for your school.

New Resource: Research Methods.

In order to support both MYP and DP students with their research, I have uploaded a ‘Research Methods’ document here.

This document shows students an example of the following research methods:

  • Mind Maps.
  • Colour Coding.
  • Cornell Notes.
  • Bullet Points.
  • Putting information into your own words.
  • Graphic Organisers.
  • Lists.

The research methods are designed to be cross curricular. I hope you can use it to support your students across both programmes.

Exam Analysis

If you are a November exam school you may find this exam analysis document useful with your staff. I get each department to work together to review their results and the reasons for them. I then amalgamate the responses to share with the whole staff. You can find the documents here Exam Analysis – IB Coordinator Resources

New Resources: Form Tutor Staff Workshops.

You can find two staff workshop ideas based on the role of the Form Tutor here.

Both of the activities are designed for staff collaboration. The first one ‘Initial ideas’ centres around ideas that staff have for the role, asking them to discuss their previous experiences and how they can be implemented in the school. The second “Responding to possible scenarios” activity gets staff to look at the role related to the school context and possible situations that could occur. It also has a focus on how the Form Tutor can raise awareness of IB Philosophy through form activities.