Citing and Referencing lesson

This lesson introduces students to doing in-text citations and creating words sited documents at the end of assessments. It looks at why we cite, when we cite and how to cite.

This lesson naturally follows the Academic Integrity lesson which can be found here. The lesson is based on the MLA convention of citing–examples can be found in the lesson.

In this lesson students:

  • Look at an example assessment and decide if it shows Academic Honesty of Academic Misconduct.
  • Define citing.
  • Look at good reasons to cite and bad reasons to cite through putting answers in the correct part of a table.
  • Consider which materials we need to cite from a given list.
  • Read through information of how to cite and how to reference materials.
  • Practice writing an intext citation and works citied page using Harry Potter as an example.
  • Undertake extension work looking at how to cite websites, interviews and speeches.

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