Classroom Activities for the More Able.

This booklet is the ‘More Able’ edition of the ‘Interactive Classroom Activities’ booklet that can be found here.

In this edition of the booklet, advice and ideas have been added to each of the following classroom activities to ensure that adequate challenge is provided for the more able students:

  1. Post it notes
  2. Interactive homework
  3. Silent debate
  4. Yes / No stations
  5. Card sort
  6. Question Time
  7. Class debate
  8. Brainstorm
  9. Quiz
  10. Think-pair-share
  11. Active Listening
  12. Envoy
  13. Jigsaw Activity
  14. Find someone who
  15. Peer assessment
  16. Self assessment
  17. Speed Questioning
  18. Problems and solutions
  19. Role play

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