Cross Curricular DP

Cross Curricular DP

Information on this document can also be found here.

I have created this document from the analytics part of Managebac.

From looking at Managebac I give an overview of which subject is currently focusing on the following areas each month:

·         Approaches to Learning

·         Connections to Language, CAS and TOK

·         Language Differentiation

·         Learning experiences

·         Learning process.

The aim is to get teachers to use the information to build communication and collaboration with different teachers and subjects in one or more of the areas shown above. This could lead to cross curricular collaboration, and can be used in conjunction with the Departmental and Cross Curricular Peer Observations document shown on this website. It also gives staff more information about what is being taught across the programme and the learning experiences that the students are having.

Here is an example of the document created and shared with staff.

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