Data Tracking

I created this document to track the progress of students throughout the course.

The document can be used in whole staff and departmental meetings to:

  • Give teachers an overview of the students’ progress across the whole course.
  • Look for underachieving students, which may lead to intervention, such as the student mentor programme which can be found here.
  • Map students’ progress in individual subjects, which can lead to departmental intervention.
  • Log students’ report and assessment grades, which can be analysed by staff.
  • Give long term data such as how students’ MYP / IGCSE grades relate to their performance in the Diploma Programme.

The summary page of the document gives the following information

  • End of term grades for each department, as well as a summary of scores out of 42 (core points are not included until the final summary).
  • Grades split into HL and SL points.
  • The difference in grades from one report to another
  • Predicted grades based on Standard Level and Higher Level points, core bonus points and whether or not the student is predicted to pass the Diploma or not.

Students’ names can be colour coded into green, amber and red, depending on their progress / possibility of passing the Diploma.

The document below is blank—I have not included any student information to respect student privacy. The student summary page gives MYP as the exam pre Diploma Programme as this is what we used in my previous school.

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