Departmental and Cross Curricular Peer Observations

Departmental and Cross Curricular Peer Observations

I introduced the Diploma Programme Department and Cross-curricular peer observation initiative to support the  Diploma Programme Focus on curriculum. It allows teachers to arrange observations with peers both within their own departments, and across different subjects within the Diploma Programme. Observations are based on a wide range of curriculum areas set out in the International Baccalaureate Standards and practices in section C2, Curriculum, as well as pedagogical areas based on individual needs.

The aim of the initiative is for teachers to share their expertise, and coach and support each other in a wide range of curriculum and pedagogical areas.

I gather information from current unit plans via Managebac to inform staff on who is  presently teaching which approaches to learning, as well as highlighting the connections to the core, language differentiation, learning experiences and the learning processes that are presently occurring across the programme– an example of this is shown in the `Cross curricular DP May 2018`  tab, underneath the ‘Departmental and cross curricular peer observation` tab below. 

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