DP Core Class

DP Core Class

Each week I have a DP Core class with the cohort.

The aim of the DP Core class is to support students in the different areas within the core of the programme (less time is given to Theory of Knowledge which is taught as a discrete subject).

The following handout is given to students to give them an overview of what is covered in the DP Core classes:

  1. Study and revision strategies.

  2. Approaches to learning, including target setting and reflection:
  3. International Mindedness.
  4. The Learner Profile.
  5. Exam preparation.
  6. Command terms.
  7. University preparation
  8. Student well being / concerns.
  9. School calendar.
  10. Upcoming assessments.
  11. CAS—Planning CAS activities. Managebac reflections and IB Assembly presentations.

  12. The Extended Essay process.
  13. Super Global High School, Round Square, International Mindedness, MUN and CAS board updates.
  14. Assemblies, including presentations.
  15. Surveys of different aspects of the course.
  16. Theory of Knowledge—self-study (time allowing).
  17. Study hall—self-study (time allowing).

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