Enquiry Upon Results

After each exam sessions the IB offer schools a range of services through Enquiry Upon Results, which can be found via the IBIS website.

Enquiry Upon Results, for a fee, and depening on what you are ordering, with student and parent permission, allows schools to apply for:

  • Category 1: Individual candidate re-mark
  • Category 2a: return of externally assessed material charged by component
  • Category 2b: return of externally assessed material charged by subject/level for an individual candidate
  • Category 3: Remoderation of internal assessment sample work

In order to help collaborate with future teaching and planning, I have ordered category 2a and 2b to get our school copies of previous students` assessment components including Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essays. I have given staff departmental time to look at the previous student`s work in their departments to find their strengths and weaknesses and use them to plan for future exams and Internal Assessments. The returned work also consists of the examiner’s comments, which staff can use to guide their teaching and their marking.

I have used the returned Extended Essays in staff training sessions. I go through the Extended Essay Assessment Criteria with the supervisors and then get them to grade one of the essays (made anonymous). We then go through the grade the IB gave to get a better understanding of the quality of work that is expected for each grade.