Evidence and Evidence Reference Guides sent to the IBO

 Evidence and Evidence Reference Guides sent to the IBO

The IBO require evidence against each standard from A-C4 to be uploaded to them as part of the self-study and before they visit.

The IBO do not require every piece of evidence that has been gathered. After each subject area had collected and logged their evidence, I had a meeting with all of the subject representatives. In the meeting we agreed on which evidence from each subject should be put forward to the IBO to give a fair representation as to where we are for each standard across the programme. This ensured that we did not send evidence that was too similar to other evidence, and we had a good range for evidence from all subjects across the programme.

In order to log the evidence, I created a folder containing the evidence for the following standards: A, B1, B2, C1, C2, C3 and C4

Each folder contained separate folders for evidence for each strand of the standard. The folder for standard C1, for example, had a separate sub folder for evidence for strands C1a-C9. Each piece of evidence was labelled by the standard and the subject before the name of the document being sent, for example “C1 1a Art Tok lesson planning”

I created an evidence reference guide for each standard. In these guides I listed every piece of evidence we were sending to the IBO and wrote a summary of it, using the information teachers has written in their `self-study comments and grades` handouts, which can be found here. Below are two examples of the evidence reference guides for standard A: Philosophy and C1: Collaborative Planning.

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