Exam Analysis

Exam Analysis

Each year I ask departments to give an analysis of their exam results, using the “exam analysis” document below. When I receive the full set of documents, I go through them with each department and then collate all of the subjects’ ideas and create a programme summary document called “exam analysis compilation” which can also be found below. The exam analysis compilation has the aim of sharing common issues and good practice and strategies that can be used to help raise results across the programme. The findings are designed to guide departments in the next academic year and for future exam sessions, and staff are encouraged to use the good practice from other departments where applicable. I have discussed each department`s analysis and requirements in subject meetings and as a programme we have started to use the data to help plan for the next exam session, including helping students with their choices in subjects such as language.

Exam analysis can also be used to guide departments on what Enquiry Upon Results to order from the IBO.

The exam analysis asks departments to comment on the following:

  • The department`s initial response.
  • Good practice the department put into place which helped gain good results: Focus on resources, revision, timing, ATLs, use of IBO materials, use of supporting materials created by the department.
  • Student(s) who reached / exceeded his or her potential. Consider reasons why he/she did so well, include the performance / work rate of the student and the good practice put into place by the department.
  • Student(s) who didn`t reach his or her potential: What do you believe the reasons for this are Were any of the reasons out of your control? Could you have done anything as a department? What strategies can you put into place to avoid this in the future?
  • Please write down the effect the following have had on your results: Formative assessments; Types of homework throughout the course; Information gained from mock exam results; Resources from the IBO such as Past Papers, official websites, Teacher Support Material, Question bank (if applicable); Use of departmental websites (Schoology / Managebac)–please explain how you use them; Revision strategies given to the students; The school year.
  • How can the results be used to help backward planning into the MYP with a view of improving DP results in the future?
  • Areas the department needs to focus on to improve results.
  • Possible changes to the structure and timings of the course / Internal Assessments.
  • The department would like the following support / training / resources to help improve results.

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