Exam Information for Students

 Exam Information for Students

Each year I hold a pre-exam session with the students to go through the exam regulations, stationary, timetable, academic honesty, rules in the exam room and the equipment needed for each exam. I create a document based on the year’s exam code of conduct document that I create for invigilators. The 2019 document is below.

In this session I set up a mock student desk in the classroom and set the exam room up as close as possible to how it will look on the day of the exam (students already have some experience of this through their mock exams).

I go through the whole of the exam process from arriving at school to finishing the exam with the students. All aspects are covered such as where students can have lunch, where they can study before an exam and how to contact school if they think they are going to be late. This session is also a good opportunity to go through how to use the exam stationary and the different types of exam.

The exam information document for students below contains the following information:

  1. Types of exam.
  2. Stationary.
  3. Refreshments.
  4. The exam room.
  5. Seating arrangements.
  6. Arrival of the students.
  7. Starting the examination.
  8. During the examination.
  9. Attendance.
  10. Finishing the exam.
  11. Appendices.

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