Exam Schedule for Invigilators

 Exam Schedule for Invigilators

Each exam session I create a day by day scheduler for invigilators. The documents, shown below, are emailed to staff at the beginning of the exam session and are put in the exam folder for invigilators.

The November 2018 exam schedule below contains the following information:

  • The subject and level.
  • The paper.
  • The exam length.
  • The start and finish times.
  • The invigilators and their times.
  • Exam information, such as the type of exam and stationary / booklets needed.

I have also attached a 2018 Mock exam schedule below, which has a different design to the one above. In this document there is an “invigilator instructions” box for each exam. You can also see here that we had ‘floating examiners’.

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