Form Tutor staff workshops.

Below are two documents that I have used for staff training on the role of the Form Tutor.

In both training sessions I split staff up into teams: I have done this as year group teams and also for form tutors working in different year groups, so that they can get an idea of the role at different stages within the school. After the meetings I collate the information and share with the whole staff.

The “Initial Ideas” document is useful to use with new form tutors. I also used it to kick start a new drive on the role of the form tutor in my present school, which I led. In this meeting form tutors discuss what make a good form tutor, how it is a rewarding role, needs of the students in a the school context that form tutors can support them with, form activities that work well (at their present school, previous schools and within an IB context), creating a community spirit, building relationships with students, supporting student welfare and IB assemblies. I also ask staff to write initial questions, points and concerns.

In the “Responding to Possible Scenarios” session I get form tutors to work in groups to share good practice on a range of issues that may come up in the school. The topics they discuss include activities that work well and their impact on students, activities that do not yet occur at the school that the teachers would like to implement, how to raise IB Philosophy within the form, how to best use the classroom walls, issues students are facing at the school and how the form could address them, students with different language issues, a student who doesn’t mix well with peers and a student whose behaviour has changed.

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