Homework Timetable

 Homework Timetable

I have used this timetable in the form of a Google Doc to support students. Students can fill in the timetable on a daily / weekly basis, keeping track of the homework they receive and when it is due.

The timetable asks students to consider:

  • Assessments due for each days of the week.
  • Strategies put in place to support them in completing the homework (speak to teacher, use study hall, use buddy groups, use library before / after school).
  • Non-homework responsibilities.
  • Time and place available to do the homework.

The aim of the timetable is to help students organise their week, taking into consideration the bullet points above. I have shown this document to parents at workshops to let them know it is available to their children. When necessary I have encouraged students and parents to work together through the different parts of the timetable and find best ways to support the student.

This timetable can also help teachers understand the average amount of homework students are receiving, and the extra responsibilities they have in their life. I have worked through this document with students to look for common issues (form tutors can also do this).

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