Human Rights: GCSE Citizenship.

Below are 28 lessons that I have created and used to teach Human Rights for GCSE Citizenship.

The lessons can be taught as stand-alone lessons or lessons within a Human Rights scheme of work, which, if they are, are designed to be taught in the order they appear below.

Each lesson contains:

  • Aims
  • Objectives
  • Learning Activities
  • Resources.

Lesson contents:

  • What are Human Rights?: 2 lessons
  • Which rights do we want?: 1 lesson
  • When rights clash: 2 lessons
  • Rights versus responsibilities: 3 lessons
  • Burma: 2 lessons
  • Discrimination: 6 lessons
  • Discrimination in Japan: 2 lessons
  • Discrimination assessment: 1 lesson
  • Legal Rights: 2 lessons
  • Vote at 16? Oral assessment: 3 lessons
  • Mock Parliament debate: 1 lesson
  • Amnesty International: 3 lessons

Some of the lesson activities refer to pages in the Collins Edexcel GCSE textbook ‘Citizenship Today’ by Jenny Wales.

Lessons 1-2: What are Human Rights?

Aim. To understand the development of Human Rights and how they affect us.



Lesson 3: Which Rights Do We Want?

Aim: To hold a debate on the most important human rights.


Lessons 4-5: When Rights Clash.

Aim: To hold a debate discussing who should have the final say over rights.


Lessons 6-8: Rights versus Responsibilities.

Aim. To decide on which action to take when rights clash.


Lessons 9-10 Burma.

Aims: To investigate Human Rights issues in Burma.

          To explore how Ben Hammond has raised money and awareness to highlight the issues.

          To complete an investigation assessment based on Burma.


Lessons 11-16: Discrimination.

Aim: To examine who suffers from discrimination and investigate how it can be stopped: law or education.


Lesson 17-18: Discrimination in Japan.

Aim: To find examples of discrimination in Japan and suggest solutions.


Lesson 19: Discrimination Assessment.

Aim: To write two essays on different ways to eradicate discrimination, showing two sides to each issues with reasons and opinions.


Lesson 20-21: Legal Rights.

Aim: To find out how the law protects Human Rights and the age we receive certain legal rights.


Lessons 22-24: Votes at 16? An Oral Assessment.

Aim: To look at two sides and hold a debate on whether the age of voting should be reduced to 16.


Lesson 25: Mock Parliament Debate.

Aim: To debate a change in Legal rights.


Lesson 26-28: Amnesty International.

Aim. To raise awareness of the issues tackled by Amnesty International through a presentation.



Lesson 26-28: Amnesty International.

Aim. To raise awareness of the issues tackled by Amnesty International through a presentation.