Inquiry based teaching activities booklet

Inquiry based teaching activities booklet

This booklet gives a description of how to set up and run inquiry based classroom activities that I have used in my classes. It also includes the learning outcomes of each one. 

In order to support new and experienced staff with Teaching and Learning activities I have created a classroom activities booklet, which can be found below which is based both on my teaching experiences in the National Curriculum of England, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as teaching in the International Baccalaureate, in both the Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme. The activities in this booklet are ones that I regularly use in my lessons and show a variety interactive and inquiry based learning through an explanation of the activity and the learning outcomes, covering many aspects of the International Baccalaureate`s Approaches to Teaching and Learning.

Each activity has a description and learning outcomes, as well as a photograph or picture to help staff visualise how it looks in the classroom. I have put the activities up in my classroom and regularly refer to them in staff meetings and in one on one teaching conversations with staff. I make it clear to staff that these activities are relevant to teaching and learning within the Diploma Programme and can be used for revision activities as well as in teaching content. The activities are designed to be cross curricular and can be differentiated by staff depending in the age, ability and learning styles of the students.

September 15th 2020: I have added a ‘safe distancing” edition of the booklet with recommendations on how you can adapt the document to suit teaching during the Corona Virus. This is a free resource.

A video for each of the activities can be found here.


  1. Post it notes
  2. Interactive homework
  3. Silent debate
  4. Yes / No stations
  5. Card sort
  6. Question Time
  7. Class debate
  8. Brainstorm
  9. Quiz
  10. Think-pair-share
  11. Active Listening
  12. Envoy
  13. Jigsaw Activity
  14. Find someone who
  15. Peer assessment
  16. Self assessment
  17. Speed Questioning
  18. Problems and solutions
  19. Role play

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