Invigilation Training

To prepare my staff for invigilating the Diploma Programme exams, each exam session I create an invigilation document for staff, based on IBO`s “The Conduct of Diploma Programme Examinations” for the year. This document can be seen below.

I go through the document with staff at a meeting, where I create a mock-up exam room to help explain the process. In the meeting, I go through the responsibilities of the invigilators as well as the procedures for setting up and running the exams. As Coordinator I set up the exam room and start and finish each exam. I have trained another teacher to do this in case I cannot be at the school on the day in case of an unforeseen circumstance such as illness. I also hold pre-exam sessions with the year 12 students to go through the exam regulations, exam stationary, timetable, rules in the exam room and the equipment needed for each exam.

The document below includes:

  1. Types of exam
  2. Stationary
  3. Refreshments
  4. The exam room
  5. Seating arrangements
  6. The arrival of students
  7. Starting the examination
  8. During the examination
  9. Attendance
  10. Finishing the exam

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