Language Development Audit

This audit is designed for the school to assess their current progression regarding the implementation of the ‘Language Development’ part of the Careers Related Programme Core, where their strengths are, and the areas they need to develop in the future–the results of the audit can be worked into the school’s action plan.

The contents of the audit are:

1.. Nature of language development.

2. Aims.

3. Assessment.

4. Completion of core components.

5. Time required.

6. Objectives.

7. Requirements.

  • Diploma Programme language acquisition courses (on top of the 2 IB subjects).
  • Diploma Programme language acquisition course extension
  • Diploma Programme language ab initio course
  • Diploma Programme language B course

8. Other types of language development courses.

9. Choice of language.

10. Natural languages.

11. Language portfolio.

12. Language Development design.

13. Language phases.

14. Language proficiency table.

15. Mapping students’ language skills.

16. Grouping students.

17. Language development learning objectives.

  • Oral communication
  • Visual interpretation
  • Reading comprehension
  • Writing The objectives are skills-based

18. Learning objectives by phase.

19. Reflection.

  • Guiding reflection.
  • Feedback on reflection.
  • The forms of reflection.

20. Language Portfolio example.