Leading Staff through Upcoming deadlines

 Leading Staff through Upcoming Assessment Deadlines

As Coordinator it is vital to give staff relevant instructions for upcoming deadlines and sufficient time to collect the relevant information. An example of one is a document I have created to do this is shown below.

The document shows how I have led staff through upcoming events, covering the following issues that are common at the start of a new term and in the run up to Internal Assessment Dates and exams:

  • Important dates this term
  • Internal Assessments
  • Moderation,
  • Grading
  • Academic honesty
  • Extended Essays
  • Evaluation
  • Policies
  • Approaches to Teaching and Learning through Whole Staff meetings
  • Target Setting and Reporting
  • DP Google Calendar.

It is important when giving instructions of what needs to be done to make them clear and achievable. This document gives clear guidelines on where staff can find relevant information, whether through the staff share or through web links.  It is vital to make it as easy as possible for staff to find the information they need to complete the tasks that have been set and, whenever possible, to have ready-made examples of what is expected of them. This helps staff plan their course, building assessments into the curriculum so they meet their subject`s deadline. The document is based on information from The Handbook of Procedures so staff know when the final Internal Assessments from the IB are and the forms they need to fill in, as well as how the information must be given to the IB.

Relevant work needed and the dates are also shared with students and parents.

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