Language Learning in the DP

Language Learning in the DP

I created this document based on the IBO Publication `Learning in a language other than mother tongue in IB programmes 2008`. It summarises the main ideas of the publication, focusing on the philosophical underpinnings of language and learning and what differentiation looks like within the classroom. 

I use the document to support staff in differentiating their lessons and resources in order to support students in the classroom whose mother tongue is not English. 

The document states, and gives examples of four ways to differentiate for students who are second language English learners: activate prior understanding and build background knowledge, scaffold meaning, extend language and affirm identity.

I hold whole staff DP meetings where I ask teachers to bring examples of each way one, so staff from other subject areas can look at them, ask questions, and build the examples into their lessons.

I also get staff to present on how they put each differentiation strategy into place in their subjects.

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