Learning Walks Booklet

Learning Walks Booklet

I introduced learning walks into my school`s Diploma Programme in 2018, creating the document below to support teachers through the process. It ties in with the yearly focus of curriculum. Thank to Jessica Pechhold at Hiroshima International School for he advice on setting up the initiative.

The aims of the learning walks are to:

  • Establish a collaborative and supportive environment to support ongoing teacher development in the teaching of both the Middle Years and Diploma Programmes.
  • Reflect upon teaching and learning practice and pedagogy across both programme
  • Support any areas of concern, raised by either the teacher or coordinator.
  • Gain an overview of the different experiences students face across the International Baccalaureate Programmes.
  • Highlight and share good practice amongst other teachers.
  • Build stronger links between the Middle Years and Diploma Programmes.
  • Gain an overview of how teachers are working towards the yearly focus in the relevant programme.
  • Diploma Programme teachers: To reflect upon strategies they are putting into place to implement their yearly goals.

The learning walks are intended to be focused on:

  • The IBO standards and Practices C2-C4: Written Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, Assessment.
  • The IBO`s Approaches to Teaching.
  • The IBO`s Approaches to Learning.
  • Common needs across the programme(s).
  • Initiatives for specific groups of students, from the intervention students to students making good progress.

This booklet is explained to staff at the start of the school year.


  • Overview
  • Aims
  • Process
  • Learning walk form

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