DP Lesson Observation Booklet

DP Lesson Observation Booklet

The Diploma Programmes observation booklet shown below is a comprehensive overview of the DP Coordinator lesson overview process. It supports staff in their planning of lesson observations and also helps them to focus on their goals and their teaching and learning activities within the academic year. It is a framework for a supportive relationship between teachers and the Diploma Programmes Coordinator. The booklet is designed to keep the new Diploma Programme Approaches to Teaching and Learning directives and learning philosophies at the forefront of teaching and learning at the school.

The booklet includes a Lesson plan template, which can be used by staff throughout the year to support their planning to support staff in their lesson preparation. This template has been adapted from one I used in my school in England to fit into my present school`s International Baccalaureate context.

The booklet also includes a lesson observation feedback form which can provide the basis of a post lesson observation discussion. This form can also be used on a teacher to teacher basis when they observe each other as part of the teacher trios process.

Meetings are a good time to speak to staff about the expectations regarding lesson observations. I use them to show, and talk through, the new Diploma Programmes observation booklet, which is updated on a yearly basis to reflect the Programme’s yearly overview and teacher goals. It is also important to make it clear that this process is designed to support teachers.

In the meeting I go through the different sections of the observation booklet in detail, explaining the aims and objectives of the process and the pedagogical thinking, such as the link between the lesson observations and the Approaches to Teaching and Learning. New processes such as the teacher and DP Coordinator agreeing on an Approaches to Teaching and Learning focus point before the observation need to be carefully explained at meetings, as do all expectations, such as when the completed lesson plan should be given to the Coordinator before the observation.

This lesson observation booklet is shared with staff at the start of the school year, fully explaining the lesson observation process along with the lesson planner form. The DP yearly focus for the year is written into the lesson observation process. 

The lesson observation booklet contains the following:

  • Overview: including the aims and the process before, during the observation and after the observation.
  • Lesson planner: including aims; objectives; links with previous and future lessons; resources; additional information on students; links to the DP yearly focus, approaches to teaching and learning, personal goals, the learner profile, international mindedness, CAS and TOK; the lesson outline and homework.
  • DP Coordinator comments on the lesson.
  • Teacher personal reflection on the lesson.
  • DP Coordinator – teacher lesson reflection meeting topics.
  • Mutually agreed targets based on the lesson observation.
  • Approaches to Teaching observation focus indicators.
  • Approaches to Learning observations focus indicators.
  • IBO Standard and practice linked to the yearly focus.

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