Moderation / Standardisation

Moderation / Standardisation

I created the following moderation / standardisation document to guide staff and departments through the process.

Whole staff meetings are a good place to set out the school`s policy on moderation. I have used them to show the moderation procedure that I created with the science department, which has been written into the school policy and can be found below. Meetings are also a good time to go over the expectations of staff set out in the document, such as timing regarding report cycles and assessment return deadlines and what to say and what not to say to students if grades have been changed.

It is important to also go through this document in departmental meetings as departments are of different sizes and include teachers with different strengths and weaknesses regarding working as a team and time management. Some of the points in the Moderation document can be modified in different departments with different needs. If this occurs it is important to write up a new proposal that is understood by all teachers in the subject group.

It is a good idea to give staff departmental meeting time to discuss the grades they have given and to come to a consensus. I always let departments agree what is needed to be done before the moderation meeting. This allows all staff to come to the meeting ready to share grades and give their justifications.

The International Baccalaureate’s IA feedback from the previous year is a good source to take to moderation meetings as it allows staff to look at last year’s work and the reasons why the IB moderators changed the grades / kept the grades as they were.

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