MYP Approaches to Learning Framework.

In the International Baccalaureate’s Middle Years Programme, the Approaches to Learning skills categories of communication, social, research, self-management and thinking are extended into 10 developmentally appropriate clusters, as shown in the International Baccalaureate’s Principles into Practice guide:

Approaches to Learning SkillsApproaches to Learning Skills Clusters
CommunicationI. Communication
SocialII. Collaboration
Self-ManagementIII. Organization IV. Affective V. Reflection
ResearchVI. Information literacy VII. Media literacy
ThinkingVIII. Critical thinking IX. Creative thinking X. Transfer

This document below has put the framework into tables which enable teachers to see what is expected for each cluster. Each framework can be used by teachers and departments help them plan activities, and units which allow students to apply the skills needed to become an ‘expert’ in each approach. A concept-driven curriculum that uses ATL skills effectively enables all students to become stronger, more self-regulated learners.

The framework also gives guidance to teachers on how to assess each ATL, as well as helping student’s self-assess themselves.