MYP ATL Passports

The documents below are MYP ATL Passports covering every sub section of the Approaches to Learning within it:

  • Communication
  • Research (Information Literacy Skills and Media Literacy Skills)
  • Self-Management (Affective Skills, Organisation Skills, Reflective Skills)
  • Social
  • Thinking (Creative Thinking Skills, Critical Thinking Skills, Transfer Skills)

The Passports are “Think-Pair-Share” activities that ask to students to either make targets or reflect on the ATL in question. The sub sections for each ATL on the forms come from the International Baccalaureate’s website. The activity can be done at the beginning or end of a lesson based on the day’s learning. It can also be done with students consider the ATL over longer period of time, which can also be used as a form time activity.

Each form is set out the same for consistency. The form is set in 3 columns, which students used to create sentence stems based on the sub section of the ATL they want to focus on. The final column requires students to explain their goal , or reflect on their performance within it.

The pictures on the forms are designed by Chris Mills, an artist who used to be in my form. If you would like him to create designs for you, his email is

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