MYP Student Profile

This student profile allows the MYP Coordinator and subject teachers to have an overview of each student within the Diploma Programme.

The profile gives an overall picture of the student, from their complete academic record to their language profile and educational history, allowing subject teachers to plan for their individual needs accordingly. It also gives teachers important information such as the student’s targets, parents’ language of communication and strategies that work for the student.

I have worked with different stakeholder to keep the documents up to date, such as Teacher Mentors, Form Tutors and subject teachers.

  • Student strengths and areas of challenge.
  • Successful strategies that work for the student.
  • Special Educational Needs
  • Medical diagnosis.
  • Language profile (including history).
  • Staff intervention. Teacher mentor and agreed targets (language, academic, self-management, other).
  • Educational History (Time spent abroad, education in different languages).
  • Parent / Guardian communication and languages spoken.

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