Cross Curricular Curriculum

 Cross Curricular DP: Using Managebac

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I have used the curriculum tab on Managebac to gain an overview of the whole curriculum across the Diploma Programme, focusing on the core philosophy of the IB.

From the information I found on Managebac I have created documents, with an example below, which are shared with staff. The aim of the documents is for each teacher to know where the following are being taught at the present time across the programme:

  • Approaches to Learning: Communication, research, social, self-management, thinking.
  • Connections: Language, CAS and TOK
  • Language Differentiation: Affirm identity, value prior knowledge, scaffold learning, extend learning.
  • Learning experiences: Examples, rubrics, templates, sample exam questions, mark schemes.
  • Learning process: Lecture, socratic seminar, small group / pair work, PowerPoint lecture, notes, individual presentations, group presentations, student lecture / learning, interdisciplinary learning.

The information in these documents give staff the opportunity to build links across departments on one or more of the areas, and could result in them setting up cross-curricular observations, which are explained in detail here.

Sharing this information with staff allows them to talk to, and observe different teachers and subject areas and see a range of ways to teach the different approaches to learning, make connections to language and the core and differentiation. It will also give teachers the chance to look at a wide variety of learning experiences and processes, and see the different experiences the students are facing on the course.

This is also a valuable tool for the DP Coordinator to ensure that the IB’s Teaching and Learning philosophy is being spread throughout the programme. It can enable the Coordinator and teachers in departments to do an audit on how they are approaching the approaches to learning, connections, language differentiation, learning experiences and learning process across the curriculum and to plan accordingly based on their needs.

I updated this document on a monthly basis.

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