Overview of the Process

Overview of the Process

This document is given to students to go over the preparation for the DP process. The dates are added each year. This document is from when my previous school started the academic year April so the process of preparing for the Diploma Programme started in the October before.

The document gives details of the process under the following headings:

  1. Introduction to the DP:

    a)    Programme Overview of the design of the course, covering the aims, design and choices in the course and the links to higher education.

    b)   Mock course choice.  Understanding of the different group options provided by the IB.


  2. Subject choices:

    a)    Student and subject teacher meeting: Subject teachers give a presentation on their subject in MYP Interact focusing on the syllabus (at SL and HL if appropriate), types of assessment, skills needed, links to higher education and careers.

    b)   Subject recommendations given to students.

    c)    Subject overview booklet given to students.

    d)   Initial subject choice form given to students (used to create course blocking)

    e)   Final subject choice booklet given to students and parents in December.

    f)    Parent workshop at the start of December.

    g)    Subject choice booklet returned during second week in January.

    h)   DP Coordinator to liaise with subject teachers regarding student choices.

    i)     Post choice meeting with DP Coordinator and Homeroom teacher. Subject teacher input when there are contentious choices.


  3. Higher Education:

    a)    Japanese and foreign university visits throughout the term—widened to provide more of a focus on the different application processes from their country.

    b)   University fair information

    c)    Parent / students workshop given by college counsellor.

    d)   College counsellor presentation in MYP class.

    e)   Teacher overview of the university process in their own country. Based on professional and / or personal experience.


  4. The Diploma Programme Core:

    a)    Extended Essay

    Introduction Quiz.

    EE lunch with year 11 students.

    Reading and assessing past essays

    b)   TOK

    TOK classes.

    Reading and assessing essays and presentations.

    Presentation if time.

    c) CAS

    CAS presentation with the CAS Coordinator.

    CAS guide given to students.


  5. Managebac:

    a)    Introduction to ManageBac and its links to CAS, TOK and the EE

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