Parent Questionnaires

Parent Questionnaires 

An important part of the self-study process is to get the opinions on the programme from parents. The self-study guide gives examples of when both parents and students should be involved in the process.

I held an `Evaluation workshop` with parents where I explained the aims and the process of the evaluation. During the workshop I gave out a parent questionnaire for the parents which can be seen below. The questionnaire was also translated into Japanese to support parents who do not speak English. The questionnaires were sent to parents who were unable to attend the workshop. The letter also invited parents to volunteer to meet the visiting team during the visit and can be found below. I summarised the results of the questionnaire and a member of the office staff created a PowerPoint of them, which was uploaded to the IB. A summary of the results was also included in the self-study questionnaire, which was sent to the IB.

The following questions were asked to parents in the questionnaire:

  1. What grade is your son or daughter currently in?
  2. Before entering the Programme, what was your knowledge of the IB?
  3. Since entering, what is it now?
  4. Why did you wish your son or daughter to enter the IB Programmes at Tamagawa?
  5. What do you see as the benefits of an IB education?
  6. What are the limitations of an IB education?
  7. What impact do you think an IB education will have on your child`s life?
  8. How did you learn about the IB Programmes at Tamagawa?
  9. Did the school provide sufficient information on the Diploma Programme? If so, what information?
  10. What further information on the Diploma Programme would you like to have received?
  11. Do you know the mission statement of the School?
  12. Do you understand the vision and mission of the IB?
  13. What is your understanding of the role and responsibility of the DP Coordinator at Tamagawa?
  14. What is your understanding of the Tamagawa IB Program language policy?
  15. Do you know the process of students entering or leaving the Tamagawa IB programme?
  16. What is your understanding of the DP assessment and academic honesty policy?
  17. Has the school allowed you to provide feedback on the Tamagawa IB programme?
  18. Do you feel the school provides enough funding and staff to operate the programme?
  19. What is your opinion of your child’s learning environment at Tamagawa?
  20. Please comment on the following ways Tamagawa supports your students through the DP Programme:
  • Japanese and Foreign staff as Homeroom teachers.
  • Study halls in the MMRC.
  • Academic / College Counsellor.
  • Student Counsellor
  • DP Study Hall (Once a week for the whole of year 11 with the DP Coordinator)
  • CAS Study Hall (Once a week for the whole of year 11 with the CAS Coordinator)
  • Introduction to DP workshop.
  • DP Core Workshop.
  • Extended Essay Workshops.
  • Amount of formative assessments.
  • Mock exams in July.

21. Please add any further comments you would like to make on the DP / IB programme at Tamagawa.

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