Personal and Professional Skills Audit

This audit is designed for the school to assess their current progression regarding the implementation of the ‘Personal and Professional Skills’ part of the Careers Related Programme Core, where their strengths are, and the areas they need to develop in the future–the results of the audit can be worked into the school’s action plan.

The contents of the audit are:

  1. Introduction
  2. Aims
  3. Themes
  4. Learning outcomes
  5. Time required
  6. Overview of personal and professional skills in the CP
  7. Requirements
  8. The career-related context
  9. Links to approaches to teaching and approaches to learning.
  10. The international dimension.
  11. Personal and Professional Skills course design

11a. The five themes

     11b. Outline of topics and subtopics

     11c. The 5 themes in detail.

11c.i. Theme 1: Personal Development

11c.ii. Theme: 2 Intercultural understanding

11c.iii. Theme: 3 Effective communication

11c.iv. Theme: 4 Thinking processes

11c.v. Theme: 5 Applied ethics