Presentation Booklet and Video

Theory of Knowledge Presentation Booklet and Video

I have created this booklet and video to support students in the creation of the Theory of Knowledge Presentation.

I give the booklet to the students at the start of the course and encourage them to use it while creating presentations for formative assessments. The video I have created works alongside the booklet. It is 32 minutes long and the students can watch it in chunks, depending on where they are in the process.

A booklet supporting students to how to fill in the Presentation Planning Document (TK/PPD) can be found here.


This 2,257 word booklet can be used with / instead of the Presentation video. The booklet gives comprehensive advice on how to plan for the TOK presentation. I have created this booklet taking information from  the IBO Theory of Knowledge guide (First Assessment 2015) and the My IB website.

The booklet takes students though the whole process of planning and creating a presentation.

It has got activities to check students` understanding of the basic facts, the goal, the assessment criteria, the format, the focus, choosing a real life situation and formulating knowledge questions.

It then provides students with an outline of a plan that makes sure their presentation follows the correct structure. The plan is designed to make sure student are able to meet the criteria to gain the maximum grade in the presentation.


  1. The basics.
  2. The goal.
  3. format.
  4. Formulating a Knowledge Question.
  5. The Assessment criteria.
  6. Past student examples.
  7. Presentation plan.

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This video gives an in depth explanation of how to plan and deliver the TOK presentation.

The video covers:

  1. The goal of the oral presentation.
  2. The format of the presentation.
  3. The focus of the TOK presentation: Knowledge questions.
  4. The assessment criteria.
  5. Past student examples.
  6. TK/ PPD form.
  7. Past Student TK/PPD forms.
  8. Presentation plan.