Reporting the Approaches to Learning.

Reporting the Approaches to Learning

I created this document to support staff when reporting their students’ progress in the approaches to learning of communication, research, self-management, social and thinking skills for both the MYP and the DP. In a school I previously worked at we assessed students against the International Baccalaureate’s expectations every half term. Our report included an explanation of each approach to learning and how the International Baccalaureate judges students against them. Reporting on the students’ progress on reports raises the status of the approaches to learning both with the students and with their parents.

The approaches to learning reports are based on the student`s ability to demonstrate each approach to learning rather than give them an attainment level. The document below is used to support staff as they build up a picture of the students` approaches to learning skills through a range of tasks throughout the term.

The document explains the rationale as to why it is important to report on the approaches to learning.

The document includes a variety of different ways teachers can find evidence of the students` performance in each approach. These can be used to help teachers plan activities throughout the term to help students put each approach to learning into practice. I have never had the expectation to every one of the strategies is used for each approach, as they may not all fit in with the working being done in each subject every half term. I made it clear to teachers that they should use at least one strategy for each approach to learning each half term.

The document uses information from the Pedagogical Leadership section of the International Baccalaurate’s Approaches to Teaching and Learning website to show how to determine a student level for each approach to learning and includes the International Baccalaureate’s assessment criteria of “below, approaching, meeting or exceeding expectations”.

This reporting document can work in conjunction with the student`s approaches to learning target setting. Teachers can work with students to set targets at the start of the term which will help guide them when they come to report the students’ progress against the International Baccalaureate’s expectations for each approach.

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