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The Role of the Diploma Programme Coordinator

Identifying an Action Plan and Leading Change

IB Survival Pack

- IB Survival Pack

Academic Honesty

- Academic Honesty


- Assessment Overviews and Exam Examples
- Uploading Instructions for Staff
- Moderation / Standardisation
- Exam Analysis
- Subject Reports
- Predicted Grades
- Student Data Tracking
- Enquiry Upon Results
- Exam Information for Students
- Exam Questions Staff Activity
- Exam Schedule for Invigilators
- Invigilation Training
- Mock Exams
- Retake Students
- Revision / Review for Students


- CAS Guidebook
- Possible CAS Links
- Trip Letter Home

Classroom Activities

- Inquiry based teaching activities booklet
- Inquiry Based Teaching Activities Videos

Classroom Management

- Classroom Management Booklet
- Classroom Management Video

Collaborative Planning

- Approaches to Learning Across the Curriculum
- Approaches to Learning IBO Website Activities
- Assessment Deadlines
- Command Terms
- Command Terms Backward Planning
- Cross Curricular DP
- Data Tracking
- Departmental and Cross Curricular Peer Observations
- Departmental Meetings (including agenda template)
- Exam Questions
- Find Someone Who: Approaches to Learning
- Form Tutor staff workshops.
- Google Calendar Help Booklet
- Homework
- Language Issues
- Maximum Assessments
- Policy Quiz
- Preparation for the New Academic Year
- Strategies for Borderline Students
- Trios
- Teacher Goals
- Yearly Overviews
- Whole Staff Meetings
- The DP Library

Command Terms

- Command Terms
- Backward Planning
- Command Terms Glossary
- Student Command Terms Quiz
- Wall Display


- Course Overview
- Cross Curricular Curriculum
- Leading Staff through Upcoming deadlines
- Subject and Level Change Proposal Form
- Syllabus
- Student Guide
- Supporting Staff
- Using Students
- Overseeing the Curriculum
- DP Board in the Staff Room

DP Core Class

More Able Students

- Classroom Activities for the More Able

Evaluation Visit

- Completed Self-Study: Part C
- Introduction
- Aims of the Process
- Overview of the Process
- Steps of the Process
- Self-study Action Plan and Timeline
- Self-study indicators
- Leading section A and B of the Self-Study
- Leading Sections C1-C4 of the Self-Study
- Self-Study Evidence Folders
- Evidence, Comments and Grades Form
- Meetings and Minutes
- Units of Work
- Charts
- Previous Recommendations
- Parent Questionnaires
- Student Questionnaires
- Policies
- Assessment Date Calendar
- Self-Study Questionnaire
- Extended Essay Supervision
- Legal Status
- Organisation Chart
- Sample Student Schedules
- Self-Study Process Overview
- Evidence and Evidence Reference Guides sent to the IBO
- Unit Plans

Extended Essay

- Introduction and Subject Choice Process
- Academic Appeals Form
- Language Appeals Form
- Contract
- Extended Essay Quiz
- Meeting Log
- Student Proposal Form
- Student Concern Log
- Subject Specific Information
- Supervising your Student
- Subject Specific Information Task
- Formulating a Research Question
- Reflections on Planning and Progress Form: Advice for students
- Student Guide
- Self-Assessment Checklist

Form Tutor

- Booklet: The role of a Form Tutor
- Video: The Role of the Form Tutor

End of MYP English Language Information

- End of MYP English Language Information

Homework Planning and Organisation

- Homework Weekly Planner
- After School Responsibilities

IB Core Class

- IB Core Introduction lesson
- What is the International Baccalaureate? lesson
- Academic Integrity lesson.
- Citing and Referencing lesson
- Service as Action: lesson and student portfolio

Initial Meeting with Teachers

- Initial Meeting with Teachers

Job Descriptions

- Job Descriptions

Staff Appraisal

- Staff Appraisal Overview
- Appendix 1: Teacher Standards.
- Appendix 2: Lesson Observation Overview.
- Appendix 3: Learning Walks Overview.
- Appendix 4: Learning Walks Evidence Form.
- Appendix 5: Staff Appraisal Form.
- Appendix 6: Teacher Self-Assessment Form.
- Appendix 7: Teacher Target Form

Language and Learning

- Placing Students in the Correct Language Class.
- Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Indicator
- MYP Language Acquisition Global Proficiency Table Indicator
- Teaching Strategies to Support EAL / ESL Students in the Mainstream Classroom
- Student Language Profile
- Language Learning in the DP

Learner Profile

- IB Learner Profile Passport

Learning Walks

- Learning Walks Booklet

Lesson Observations

- Cross Programme
- Lesson Observation Planner
- DP Lesson Observation Booklet
- Lesson Observation Booking Sheet

More Able Students

- Classroom Activities for the More Able


- Academic Honesty Policy
- Assessment Policy
- Special Educational Needs Policy
- Language Policy


Preparing students for the DP

- Overview of the Process
- Introduction Questions
- DP Course Overview
- Teacher – Student Subject Information Session
- Subject Recommendations for Students.
- Initial Course Selection Form
- Final Course Selection Form
- Course Overview

Revision / Review

- collapse child menu
- Revision Techniques Booklet
- Revision Techniques Videos
- Holiday Revision Planner
- Term Time Revision Planner

Special Educational Needs

- SEN in the DP
- Student Inclusion Form

Student Mentor Programme

- Programme Overview Document
- Supporting Handouts
- Mentor Scheme Staff Activity

Student Profiles

- MYP Student Profile
- DP Student Profile

Supporting Students

- Homework Timetable
- Weekly Programme

Teaching and Learning
- MYP ATL Passports
- MYP and DP Approaches to Learning Target setting (new)
- ATL Self-Assessment
- Approaches to Learning Target Setting Documents
- Approaches to Teaching and Learning Page Footers
- MYP Approaches to Learning Framework.
- Research Methods.
- Reporting the Approaches to Learning.
- Subject Peer and Self-Assessment Forms
- Staff Presentations on ATLs
- Staff Activities
- Student Profiles
- Teaching Strategies to Support EAL / ESL Students in the Mainstream Classroom
- Whole School Initiatives and Teacher Training
Theory of Knowledge

- Armistice Day TOK lesson
- Cross Curricular DP
- Essay Checklist
- Essay Support Booklets
- How To Fill In the Presentation Planning Document TK/PPD
- Presentation Booklet and Video
- TOK Passport
- Formulating Knowledge Questions
- Types of Knowledge Resources.
- Justification and Evidence Resources.
- Shared and Personal Knowledge Resources
- WOK Emotion Resources
- WOK Language Resources
- WOK Sense Perception Resources
- WOK Reason Resources
- AOK The Arts
- AOK Ethics Resources
- AOK History Resources
- AOK Human Science Resources
- AOK Mathematics Resources
- AOK Natural Science Resources
- Writing to Argue in TOK Essays
- Cross Curricular TOK

Unit Planning

- Unit Planner Support Guide

Writing Reports

- Writing Reports

Regional Coordinators’ Network

- The Role of the Network.

Yearly Focus

- Yearly Focus

Careers Related Programme

- Language Development Audit
- Personal and Professional Skills Audit
- Reflective Project Audit
- Service Learning Audit

Citizenship Education

- Year 7 Schemes of Work: Citizenship
- Year 8 Schemes of Work: Citizenship
- Year 9 Schemes of Work: Citizenship.
- Human Rights: GCSE Citizenship.
- Politics: GCSE Citizenship
- Global Village: GCSE Citizenship.
- Active Citizenship Ideas

Forthcoming Resources:

- Induction of New Staff

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