IB Survival Pack Details

This 5,304-word pack is designed to give students comprehensive advice on how to cope with the demands of the Diploma Programme course throughout its duration, and to prepare for the final examinations at the end of it. The pack covers a wide range of areas that students have to face within the course, as shown in the contents below.

As well as detailed advice on a range of issues from school folders, to working environment, the booklet includes links to Google Documents that students can use to create a range of support materials, such as designing daily planners, homework timetables and revision timetables–all designed to help students with their self-management.

Whats In the IB Survival Pack?

The contents of the pack are:

1. Team 'Me'

2. Self-Management: What does the IB say I should be doing?

3. School folders: Getting your work in order

4. Self-Management: What’s getting in my way?

5. Deadlines calendar

6. Daily planner

7. Homework timetable

8 Revision techniques.

9 How to Revise More Effectively.

10 Term-time revision.

11 Holiday revision.

12 Work Environment.

13 Stress release.

14 Worries.

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