Retake Students

 Retake Students

The Coordinator is in charge of organising and preparing students who wish to sit retake exams. This includes liaising with students and staff over what subjects the student should retake, and whether they should retake the Internal Assessments of the subject(s)again.

It is important to not that any retakes need written permission from the parent. I always include the full cost of the retakes and ask parents to sign that they are happy to meet them (the costs and deadlines can be found on My IB).

After the results have been issued I have met with students who may wish to retake to explain the amount of points they needs to get the Diploma / into the universities they would like to go to, and look for the best way of achieving the needed points and any subject specific requirements that are needed to meet the pass criteria, such as when a student received an E in an Extended Essay.

It is a good idea to look at the Enquiry Upon Results service offered on IBIS throughout this process. With the student and parent permission it can be useful to look at their papers to see the examiner comments on their performance. Looking through these with the subject teacher is a good way to assess how the student performed and whether they have a chance of achieving a higher grade if they decided to retake the subject. This also shows students the areas they need to work on to improve their grade. I have advised students on behalf of the subject teacher if the teacher thinks the student achieved their full potential in the first exams and whether it would be inadvisable to retake the subject and where the student could possibly focus on getting extra points.

Once a student has agreed to do a retake, similar to the first exam session, I call them into school to speak about the exam rules and regulations and update them on any changes from the previous exam session, as shown here. I have worked with teachers and the retake students to set up revision plans and any extra classes.