Revision Techniques Videos

Revision Techniques Videos

Different revision techniques work for different students. This page contains 9 videos on different revision techniques. Each video explains the method and learning outcomes of each one. A `Revision Techniques` booklet accompanying the videos can be found here. All of my teaching and learning videos can be found on my YouTube channel: Teaching and Learning


  1. Past Papers
  2. Mind Maps (Inspired by Tony Buzan`s website)
  3. Visual and Auditory Presentations
  4. Mapping resources
  5. Flashcards
  6. Quizzes
  7. Revision Posters
  8. Checklists
  9. Memory Games

Video 1: Past Papers.

This is a video for students and teachers explaining how to get the best use out of past papers to help you revise for exams.

Video 2: Mind Maps

This video explains how to create and use Mind Maps to help you trigger your memory when revising for exams.

Video 3: Visual and Auditory Presentations

This video explains the range  benefits of making videos and auditory presentations, both for yourself and / or with class mates to help you revise.

Revision Activity 4: Mapping Resources

This video shows you how to map your revision using the subject guide / specification as a starting point, going on to log the resources you have for each topic and sub topic, and creating revision materials.

Revision Activity 5: Flashcards

This video explains how to use Flashcards to help you with your revision. The process of using both paper and electronic flashcards in a variety of different ways is explained, along with the benefits and learning outcomes.

Revision Activity 6: Quizzes

This video explains how to incorporate quizzes into revising for your exams, showing how to create and use them to help with revision, both on your own and with peers.

Revision Activity 7: Revision Posters

The video gives an example of creating a revision poster from a textbook, explaining the best ways to design a poster to ensure it helps you with your revision. The benefits and learning outcomes of revision posters are discussed.\

Revision Activity 8: Checklists

This activity explains how to use checklists to help you plan what to revise and checking your progress to give guidance on what to focus on. The benefits and learning outcomes are discussed.

Revision Activity 9: Memory Games

This activity show how to use a range of memory games such as pelmanism, scrambled letters, card sorts and who am I? to help you with your revision. The process and learning outcomes are discussed.