Leading section A and B of the Self-Study

Section A and B of the Self-Study  

Sections A and B of the evaluation guide and self-study questionnaire

In order to complete Section A: Philosophy and Section B: Organization I worked with the school`s leadership team incorporating the Head of IB Programmes, IB Programme Director, Head of Academic Affairs, MYP Coordinator as well as me. The evaluation process was put on the agenda items for our weekly meetings with me leading the evaluation part of the agenda. As a starting point I discussed each question and chart in sections A and B with the team and we agreed on the most appropriate person to find the information relevant information and / or evidence, agreeing on a date to collect it by. Once the evidence had been collected for a chart we went through it and discussed where we were on the self-study indicators. I then logged the evidence that we agreed would justify our grade with supporting comments, using the forms shown in self-study comments and grades section in this website. For the questions part of Section A and B we agreed on who would be the most appropriate to answer them. The chosen person wrote the answers in note form and the comments were discussed and agreed on in our meetings. Splitting up the leadership team in order to answer the questions and find the evidence allowed each member to work in the areas where they had the most knowledge and could make the most contribution to the process.  The DP Coordinator logged the evidence. During the one-year process the time spent on the evaluation in leadership meetings fluctuated from the DP Coordinator giving updates to spending two hours discussing sections A and B.