Self-Assessment Checklist

 Self-Assessment Checklist

This self-assessment checklist document asks students to assess their progress against the Extended Essay criteria as well as the presentation and structure of the essay.

This document can be given to students at different stages throughout the process. It can be shown to them as they start their essay to give them an idea of what is required. It can also be given to them before they hand in their final rough draft and their finished draft in order to check their progress.

The document asks students to assess themselves against each sub section of the five criterion for the Extended Essay, which are in the form of questions. Each question is formed directly from the wording of the International Baccalaureate’s criteria. Students have the opportunity to answer “yes”, “no”, or “partly” to each sub section question. If the student answers “yes” to a question, they are then asked to put themselves in the position of the examiner and show where it is evidenced in the essay. If the student answers “no” or “partly”, they are then asked to think about what improvements they need to make to the essay. These improvements can be discussed in a meeting with their supervisor.

The “criteria” tables use the generic criteria for every essay. In order to see how the Extended Essay is applied to the subject the student is writing their essay in, they are advised to go to the “subject specific guidance” section of the International Baccalaureate’s Extended Essay website to see how the criteria is applied for your essay. As well as for self-assessment, this document can be used for peer-assessment activities, where students can read another student’s essay and give advice on it. It can also be used when looking at the graded anonymous essays in the “assessed student work” part of the International Baccalaureate’s Extended Essay website. In order to help student get an understanding of what is required for an Extended Essay, they can grade an essay from the website using this document before going over the grade the International Baccalaureate gave it.


1. Structure of your Extended Essay.

2. Presentation of the Extended Essay.

3A. Criterion A: Focus and Method.

3B. Criterion B: Knowledge and Understanding.

3C. Criterion C: Critical Thinking.

3D. Criterion D: Presentation.

3E. Criterion E: Engagement.