Evidence, Comments and Grades Form

Evidence, Comments and Grades Form

The evidence comments and grades document in appendix below was created for each subject to log the evidence they had collected for each sub-section of each standard.

The document:

  • allows subject areas to list the collected evidence for each strand of the practice.
  • asks each department to give a summary of each piece of evidence to explain how and why it has been used—this came in very useful for me when choosing which pieces of evidence to send to the visiting team and allowed each department to explain it in their own words.
  • asks the department to give a rank for each of the strands in the standard-using the level indicators as shown in the self-study indicators part of this website.

Underneath the main table in the document are the conclusions on the standard box, which I copied from the IBO`s self-study guide. Departments filled these in before the C1-4 meetings, which helped them prepare for giving a whole school grade for each standard.

The document also asks departments to fill in:

  • their major achievements.
  • progress with regard to the previous evaluation.
  • areas identified as in need of further development.

These were very used for me when I had to write a summary of them in the self-study guide to send to the IBO. All of the boxes in this document were gone through with staff at the start of the process, and time was given in subject meetings for the departments to log, grade and comment on their progress against each standard.

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