Staff Activities

 Staff Activities for ATLs

Departmental and whole staff meetings are an excellent time to go through collaborative planning activities to get staff opinions on a wide range of issues.

It is a good idea in whole staff meetings to get staff to work in groups with teachers from a range of subjects and year groups. This allows staff to gain new ideas as well as a greater understanding of the approaches to teaching and learning across the curriculum. By working with teachers from other subjects, teachers will be able to understand the connections between the ATLs across the programme and can work together to compare and contrast how they teach them. This could lead to teachers improving their knowledge and understanding of teaching certain command terms, for example, as shown here.

Once staff are aware of the connections between the ATLs in the subjects, they can highlight it to the students. One way of doing this is through teaching TOK within their subjects, as shown here.

The following are ATL activities that I have used in meetings. Click on the name of each activity to find them within this website.

Further information on using staff meetings for presentations on ATLs can be found here.