Staff Appraisal Overview

This Staff Appraisal Overview document is a comprehensive guide covering all aspects of the process, supplemented by the 7 appendices which can also be found within this folder.

Within all of the documents in this folder, my school name has been replaced by ‘#’

The Staff Appraisal Overview document below includes:

  • A detailed explanation of the process including how staff are appraised through lesson observations, learning walks, wider professional effectiveness and self-assessment.
  • Staff feedback on the International Baccalaureate Leadership Team.
  • Concerns.

After you have read the overview document below you can find the following supporting documents within this ‘Staff Appraisal’ folder (each can be used separately too):

  • Appendix 1: # Teacher Standards.
  • Appendix 2: Lesson Observation Process.
  • Appendix 3: Learning Walks Overview.
  • Appendix 4: Learning Walks Evidence Form.
  • Appendix 5: Staff Appraisal Form.
  • Appendix 6: Teacher Self-Assessment Form.
  • Appendix 7: Teacher Target Form.

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